Nana's Bath & Body Collection

Whether  you need something for you bath, shower or even as simple as a new hand sanitizer, we have what you're looking for!  AND all our products are created with just the basic ingredients, without any fillers or harmful chemical add-ins.

Check below for info on our various scents!

Bath bombs
Bath Bombs

Use one of our hand crafted bath bombs for ultimate relaxation!   


Like most of our products, these bath bombs are created with only the necessary ingredients, no extra fillers. Each is scented with our unique essential oil blends or a high quality fragrance oil to aid in relaxing your mind as well as your body!   

Want to elevate your bath time?  Add one (or more) of our soy wax candles from our wax collection!

Shower Steamers

Don't like taking Baths?  No worries!  We have these fantastic Shower Steamers, 


Our Shower Steamers allow you to get the effects of the essential oils and fragrance oils, without having to take a bath!  Place one in the corner of your tub as you shower and let your mind unwind! 

You can also grab an essential roller or hand lotion below to keep that scent with you all day long!  


These wonderful bath salt refreshers are guaranteed to relax your muscles and help you unwind after a long day!  

They are a blend of Epsom & Dead Sea Salts with one of our oil blends to scent them.  The benefits of each of these salts are well documented and you won't be disappointed!

Don't forget to pick yourself up a complementary soy wax candle & matching hand lotion too!


Our Hand Lotions are created from a lotion base that is infused with aloe, shea butter and vitamin E, and then scented with one of our fragrance oils found below.      

Our hand lotions are a great way for you to carry your favorite scents with you on the go, and allow you to keep your hands soft and hydrated, without feeling greasy. 

Plus, they make fantastic gift ideas! 


Our Essential Rollers are a combination of Olive Oil and one of our fragrance oils.  

Dab a bit on your wrists, in the bend of the elbows or behind the ears for a little pick me up throughout your day! 

These are small and can fit into any bag, pocket or purse! 

Check out these fantastic scents!

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